Chen Sui-Bian must be impeached and jailed lifetime Chen Sui-Bian must be impeached and jailed lifetime, because as President of R 21世紀房屋仲介epublic of China, he has no right to side with a 土地買賣ny evil doers who pro-Taiwan, see Republic of China like enemy or ev 九份民宿il name. A man must divorce his wife if he lacks of true love to his wife, government SHO 商務中心ULD void his marriage when official found out that couple lack of true love to each other. No love, no life, e 票貼ven a man and woman must have love in order to have a good family. Not mention a Nation's head must have true love to his intit 代償led Nation in order to have the good will to make his Nation to be a good place to live. Shame on Chen Sui-Bian, he deserves to go to hell immediately. Che G2000n Sui-Bian deserves to go to hell, because he lacks of the love to Republic of China making Republic of China like hell, he must pay his crime or debt to be cooked in he 帛琉ll endless times. Chen Sui-Bian must pay his crime or debt to be cooked in hell endless times. You just need to check world wide history to see any one who seating in any nation's head, no 酒肉朋友ne ever evil acted like evil doer Chen Sui-Bian has showed in front of his nation's high. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 裝潢  .
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